This is an ongoing series of mixed media paintings that utilize the materials and methods used in making surfboards – begun in 1998.
Read about this series in HI Art Magazine, in an article by Scott Yoell.

Info: Each piece is made of fiberglass, epoxy resin, fabric, enamel paint on wood blocks and is 48″ x 72″.

  • 19.QUIVER-WOODY, (wood grain)2
  • 03.QUIVER-DREAMWEAVE, (blue)
  • 06.QUIVER-HOT COAT, (pink,white)
  • 07.QUIVER-NEW WAVE, (blue shade)
  • 08.QUIVER-NEWPORT, (yellow green)
  • 11.QUIVER-SECRET SPOTS , (vibe)
  • 12.QUIVER-SECRET SPOTS , (blue shade)
  • 14.QUIVER-SHACKED, (green shade)
  • 15.QUIVER-SOLAREZ, (yellow, orange)
  • 16.QUIVER-Untitled, (large pink,III)
  • 20.QUIVER-ZEN ZIP, (blue, white)2