This series documents the permanent residue that results from the act of tattooing directly on the fresh skin of highly perishable imports – fruit, flowers and vegetables.
Imported plants and animals, (as well as native plants impacted by invasive species), developed a fitness to adapt and to assimilate in our environment over time. But humans change and acclimate to their environment more quickly, adopting customs, appearance, rituals and language in order to fit in or stand out. Tattooing the food/produce gives it a kind of protective banner, marks it as toxic, or allows it to assimilate.

Info: Tattooed fruit, flowers and vetables – documented and presented as archival ink-jet photographs, dimensions variable.

  • tattooed_FI
  • DSC_2114
  • Guavas (FrikuPonoStar)
  • DSC_1747
  • Tallett_Tattooed (White Lady)
  • tattooed_williams_3
  • DSC_1759
  • DSC_1762
  • vanillamoke_2
  • vanillamoke_1
  • tattooed_williams_2
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